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Our 4th Anniversary

Assalammualaikum dan hai~

Alhamdullilah, all praise to almighty Allah, we've entered the fourth year of wedded bliss. Like all couples, we had rough patches but really, most of the times we were blessed with happiness.

Whenever I look at Kanda and thought, he really is the perfect match for me. sure, he has his flaws (like everyone else), but I'm happy that it's him I married. He let me be independent but at the same time offered me his help all the time. He support my love for sewing and crafting. Tak mengongkong. He also helps a lot with house chores, especially when I was pregnant since I'm exhausted all the time. He even cooks sometime! Aren't I lucky? Oh, I can go on about all the goodness that he possesses.

I really believe that marriage is about sharing about all aspect of your lives with your life partner. All aspects: physically, emotionally, financially. Zaman sekarang, sukar nak hidup dengan single income. So, most of us wives also work to earn a comfortable living. This is where the sharing parts come. Really, when the husband helps around the house, more time can be spent together as the chores get done faster.

For our 4th anniversary we decided to do a simple celebration. Kanda suggested we went to a nearby beach. I Googled and decided to go to Pantai Bagan Lalang. I requested that we went in the morning since I know I'll be too tired if we went in the evening. True enough, I dozed off in the car on our back, sorry Kanda ^.^;;

Little did I know that I'll be giving birth two weeks later, haha. It was a low-key anniversary celebration, but I felt so happy and content. We ate nasi lemak, milo ais, Kanda played football and build sand pit with Zain. Really, this is more than enough for me, us together, being happy.

To many more happy years ahead, Insya Allah, aamiin.

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