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{Surga FuadRilla} This Will Do...for Now

Assalammualaikum dan hai!~

So, it has been quite a while since we moved to our new house, about 3 months or so. Unpack barang pun tak habis lagi, sebab tak ada furniture. Masa duduk rumah sewa dulu memang sengaja tak nak beli banyak-banyak perabot sebab tunggu rumah ni siap. So, biar je dalam kotak. Dah pindah ni pun, tak beli perabot tambahan lagi. During the move, we haven't saved up much, so we just did basic renovations. Then simpan duit balik, untuk tukar flooring. We're planning to decorate the house in industrial style. We're so not the white and bright minimalist couple. Taste masing-masing kan?

Disebabkan bilik air tak ada plan nak renovate dalam masa terdekat, maka Rilla deko bilik air utama dulu.

Tadaa! Tak lah surprise mana pun. I've shared this in my IG about a month ago.

Pretty basic, actually. Bought a shelving unit and shower curtain set from Ikea and a soap dispenser. It's a dry toilet, hence the shower curtain. Long term goal is to install a glass shower screen. Sementara ni guna shower curtain murah je.

Rilla tak berapa minat kabinet yang sekali dengan cermin tu. Masa surf website Ikea untuk bathroom storage, ternampak rak ni, terus propose kat Kanda, and he agreed straight away. Cuma, disebabkan rak ni kayu, maka kena install shower curtain untuk menghalang air shower terpercik. Kena buat dry toilet. Nasib baik paip wudhu' developer pasang kat bawah shower, so boleh la buat dry toilet. Dry toilet lagi senan nak maintain.

Kitorang sebenarnya nak beli rak ni yang warna coklat gelap, tapi tak ada stok masa tu. Sebab nak cepat, beli je lah yang warna birch dan gigih lah kitorang stain sendiri rak ni. Comot! hahah!

The top-most rack is still empty. Agak-agak letak fresh towels pun ok gak kan? Macam hotel kononnya. Tetiba rasa nak shopping tuala baru. Lepas tu letak potted plant yang kecik.

Second shelf is for my er..."womanly things". You know, the thing you used once a month. Each sack contains different type (day and night). The sack costs RM5 each from Daiso and I clipped on the chalkboard peg label from Mr. DIY. Nak beli kapur untuk tulis label tu, tak jumpa lagi. Far end is a lantern I bought for my wedding. Nanti nak letak lilin. Kot-kot lah blackout, dah siap-siap ada lilin dalam bilik air.

Third shelf contains all sort of things. Bought the metal wire basket from Daiso, RM5 each. Got to love Daiso! The left basket is used to store my lotion and cleanser. The right one stores mani-pedi things. Botol kaca kat tengah tu recycle botol minuman. The flower is just something I have laying around. Planning to buy purple hydrangeas to replace this.

The bottom shelf is for our toothbrushes. I found this white vase, guess where? Daiso! haha! I haven't found cool toothbrush holders that's not plastic or have flowers, and when I was browsing around Daiso and found this vase, I thought, hey, why not?! The purple container is actually a plastic one, also to store my "womanly thing". Then, there's my special chocolate bath foam and body scrub

Bought the soap dispenser at Haauz, Seksyen 9 Shah Alam. Wrote about it here.

I'm still missing a mirror, have to find a narrow one because of the limited wall space. Also, i'm thinking to hang an art piece in front of the toilet that we can stare to when we do our business, lol.

So that's it, our master bath. We'll post again when I updated it. Till then, taaa~~


Menambah Bilangan Ummah

Assalammualaikum dan hai~

Ha..kelas tak tajuk? Hahaha.

So, most of my peers are already or on their way to have their second child. Sedang elok lah masanya, anak dah 1 tahun lebih.

As for us, no, not yet. Although, we have started to tease Zain with the "Zain nak adik tak?" question in which most of the times he answered with shaking his head or give no response at all. But we like to ask him anyway, just to annoy him.

He's such a clingy baby tua, especially towards me. Like yesterday, he was playing with Kanda, all giggles and laughters, and I went down to my car to get some stuff. And the moment he realized I'm not anywhere to be found, he started crying. He went all over the house trying to find me, the poor baby. Kanda managed to calm him down. But as soon as he heard the front grille banging (signalling I'm at the front door) he started wailing. WAILING I tell you! Drama much Zain?

We've been getting hints about trying for the second one from family and friends, all we replied with "Aamiin". We actually have been discussing about this, but it was never a deep conversation. Usually lasted less than 5 minutes, lol.

I'm actually torn to try as soon as possible due to my age and I'm planning to stop getting pregnant by 35. But at the same time I'm also worried about the responsibility of having another child. Not only the financial responsibility, but my ability to cope as well. Will I be able to manage both of them? Will I be able to give him (berangan nak dapat lagi sorang baby boy, lol) the same attention like I gave to Zain? Yelah, siapa tak suka dapat baby kan? But it's not just a baby, it's a whole load of responsiblity there, amanah, sebuah nyawa yang dalam hidupnya bebinkan Kanda, matinya berbinkan Rilla.

Tunggulah tahun depan, baru bukak kertas cadangan balik, boleh?

How did you guys decide?


My Half-Found Freedom

Assalammualaikum dan hai!

Ah...rindunnya blog. I have so much to write about, but I don't really have much time. Banyak nak cerita, pasal Hong Kong trip, pasal deko-deko rumah. Work at the office and house chores seems never ending. Plus, I seem to not have the energy like used to before I got married. Kagum tau dengan mak-mak yang sempat je update blog.

Anyway, wanted to share with you about Zain's weaning story. Alhamdulillah, dah mula bagi dia minum susu tepung. Susu apa? Dutch Lady 123 je. Dah pernah cuba bagi susu lain, tapi dia tak nak.

Ceritanya, Rilla punya supply dah sangat merundum. Few last days I pumped at the office, I only managed to expressed 3oz of milk for the whole day. So I started questioning, is it worth it? To spend 20 minutes each session to express 3 oz of milk? To add to this, I'm carrying a two-person workload right now. My role was expanded in which that my old role was merged into another role. Not going to dwell much on that, but work has becoming crazy-busy. So, spending time away from my work station without really expressing much milk is not productive. I'm loosing both ends.

Tapi, rasa bersalah sangat kat Zain sebab dah berhenti pam susu. Maafkan bonda, Zain. Zain masih nursing, cuma malam lah. Alhamdulillah, sebab proses nak intro susu tepung kat Zain dipermudahkan. Satu hari tu, Zain dah kurand minum susu kambing fresh yang bekal hari-hari ke taska. Risau lah kan? Dah la berat badan dia underweight. Lepas tu, ada seminggu, Rilla kena stay back kat office sampai malam sebab nak kejar workload. Rilla mintak mak Rilla jaga Zain seminggu tu. Kitorang anak-beranak berkampung kat KL la minggu tu. Rilla bawak bekal susu kambing, tapi beli juga susu Dutch Lady tu. Minta kat mak cuba bagi susu tu kat Zain, tengok nak ke tak nak.

Alhamdulillah, at first try, he drank the milk. Lega dah sebab dia tak reject susu tu. Lepas tu monitor poop dia, Alhamdulillah, OK. So sekrang, dia pergi taska bekal susu Dutch Lady je. Malam BF + Dutch Lady.

So now I'm able to wear blouses without front buttons to work. Haha, bolehlah bonda bergaya. Barang-barang dalam beg kerja pun dah kurang. No more cooler bag, pumps. Balik rumah pun tak payah dah cuci pam dan botol-botol, haha.

Next plan is to wean him off completely. Tunggu dia 2 tahun nanti. Bittersweet rasanya. Why are you growing up so fast Zain?