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Life's Little Reminders

Assalammualaikum and hi all!

I'm going to acknowledge the fact that I have been ignoring this blog for the longest time, but who cares? LOL. You know, I'm busy with this thing called life. Priorities, people! But I love writing, so here I am. Just needed a break from the hectic-ness of it all and reflect on myself.

The other day I went to the business office lots nearby my house to get something ordered for Adinda. When I return back to my car, I sat in front of the steering wheel, cooling myself under the gushing air from the A/C turned on at full blast. Then I saw this gentleman...he was carrying a stack of cardboard boxes on top of his head. He went to one trash bin to the other looking for more boxes, I would assume, to be sent to the recycling centre, and earn himself some money.

It's easy to pity him.

But I believe, more importantly, when we saw this kind of situation, remember it's Allah's little reminders to look back on all the blessings that we have been bestowed upon. How lucky am I that I get to sit in a car in stead of scavenging for boxes under the scorching sun? Or how lucky am I to even own a car? Or how lucky am I to have a stable job (I have to say a good one that pays well)? The list goes on...

I believe that if we have to compare our life with others, compare to those who is less fortunate as opposed to those who seems to have a better life. We may not know amidst all the things appears better when we look at others, they are facing Allah's tests in some other way. Even wealth can be a test.

I am guilty of whining an awful lot about my job recently. So I am thankful to be sent these little reminders every now and then. So let us be more thankful for the things that we have.

It is not my intention for this post to be "tunjuk baik", just sharing my thought ;)

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