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Adinda by Rilla's Logo Design

Bismillah & Assalammualaikum

So I have received a lot of encouragement for me to pursue my passion - fashion designing. Some approached me with the intention of hiring me as their wedding outfit designer. Some wanted to do their Eid attire with me. Unfortunately I can't afford to switch my career right now. And that limits my ability to take custom orders. Rilla tak berani nak ambil komitmen, ini baju kahwin orang. BAJU KAHWIN ok? Bukan boleh bawa main.

The first design gathered the most votes!
Working in the corporate world, I sometimes feel confined, like my creativity is bottled up. Sewing has always been a way for me to release all the stress I'm suffering at the office. How I wish I can do it full-time. That being said, I found a solution for the time being. Why not design my own ready-to-wear collection? I'm free to design as I wish, no strict time-bound. Perfect!

So of course the first thing I should have is a label right? Right. (Rilla, banyak lagi benda lain yang penting, macam siapkan baju!) I thought long and hard, and came out with "Adinda by Rilla" (more on this later, when I do the actual launching). Sebenarnya Rilla agak gelisah untuk mengumumkan projek ni, takut tak jadi. Tapi tekadkan hati. Perlu jadi Optimus Prime optimis!

Kemudian, Rilla sudah jadi terlebih rajin dan mereka sebanyak 3 logo untuk ABR. Lepas tu diri sendiri jadi pening, padan muka! So where does one turn to in time of needs as such as these? Facebook poll of course!

So my lovely FB friends and NCOLians have helped me choose the logo. As depicted, the first logo proved to be the most favourite. Some  provided justifications as to why the chose a certain logo; Design 2 tends to look more corporate, Design 3 - simple and sweet. Some asked to combine the word "Adinda" to be like design 1 but the word "by Rilla" to be like design 3.
Decisions, decisions.
Obviously, I should just choose Design 1 if I wanted to base my decision solely on the votes right? But I also have to think about the whole picture, like what is the overall  feel and direction for ABR? Is it going to be classic Malay designs? Or structured designs? Or romantic and sweet? Me as a designer has always been the latter. Jadi, untuk menamatkan segala persoalan, buat sahaja keputusan. Lepas ni tak payah fikir dan boleh terus kepada perkara yang lebih penting (macam siapkan baju!). Presenting the final design:
Thanks to those who voted! *flying kisses for you*. Wish me luck and may Allah grant me istiqamah for this.


  1. gud luck sis.. harap2 kalau sis jadi designer pun, harga yang ditawarkan adalah harga mampu milik untuk orang-orang biasa yang teringin pakai baju cantik macam sis. =)

    1. Insya Allah harga mid-range. I prefer not to compromise on the material. Material tak kualiti nanti tak cantik pulak.

  2. haa final design rilla nih lagi cantik antara 3 tu,ada add love lg;) u just add love kat ats i tu from 1st design rite:) anyway,all the best ya rilla!!:D

    1. Hehehe, cadangan ramai tu nak yang love tu, hahaha.

  3. wah..sgt inspiring!! :)

  4. i br nk vote no.2 but u already had a decision which is mmg cool. congrats and gud luck rilla. i suka layout blog niiiiiii :)

    1. Kikiki. I pun suka sangat dengan layout blog ni, boleh? Dah sendiri design mestilah sendiri suka, LOL