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Rilla Amrillah: The Blog

Bismillahhirrahmannirrahim & Assalammualaikum wrt wbt

An Introduction, this is Rilla writing. This blog serves the purpose as a medium for my writings, sharing my thoughts, opinions, ideas, well, stuff. I have thought long and rather hard about the name for the blog, and I've decided that I should just use my name. Though it's only my commercial name, but it's perfect. Some of you might have already been following my other blog; Kanda Dinda With Love - my wedding preparation blog. Although my wedding is over, I am still planning to keep KDWL updated, but I also wanted separate medium for non-wedding stuff. And here it is! I welcome you to! I'm going to talk about my projects, fashion, my married life, my job and everything in between.

More to come! ... eventually ..., said the procastinator.


  1. peminat setia KDWL dh follow yr second blog :))

  2. bila rilla nak start membebel kat blog lagi? rindu entry pjg dari u. entry wedding kat kdwl pun mcm tergantung jer. tak puas nak tau next preview dr rilla.