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H&M Home Malaysia: My Wishlist

Guess what? H&M Home MAlaysia has updated their website with items that are soon going to be available in their store! *squeel* So much to see! Cushion, curtains, accessories! Tapi daku jamu mata lah, belum datang mood nak deco rumah lagi. Tunggu tabung penuh dulu.

I'm eyeing this glass box. RM49.90. Letak atas vanity table cun ni!

Vase, RM29.90, for that rustic look.

Picture frame, RM49.90, Candle Holder RM24.90 in similiar style as the box above.

Cakestand, RM24.90. Want!

Glass Jug, RM49.90. Now, this is perfect. Simple but interesting enough.

Lain-lain barang, boleh klik sini. Dah senang duduk dah ni!


  1. wahhh menariknyaaaa~ vase tu menggoda!

  2. wahhh thx 4 sharing rilla. sukanya. sy pn xlama lg nak pindah rumah. duk tgk je blog rilla. rajin2 la update eh :)