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Di Persimpangan Dilema Part II

Sambungan dari Part I

Assalammualaikum dan hai~

Nak update pasal post Rilla minggu lepas yang Rilla cerita pasal offer kerja dari satu consulting firm ni. Rabu lepas diorang mintak jumpa lagi, this time with a different person who can't make it to my interview last time. Yang ni dengan senior consultant pulak. This time the discussion were more personal as opposed to real interview.

Rushinglah daku dari Ara Damansara gi KL time lunch sebab nak jumpa dengan dia. Dia flash one presentation slide and ask me to analyze and point out key things to him. So I had to analyze quickly and give recommendations bagai. Then he asked me about my work arrangement, travelling, Zain semua. He's quite concerned whether I will be comfortable to give high commitment when I have a small kid.

Lepas habis session tu daku balik office. Then Khamis malam, HR yang Filipina tu call tanya macam mana, I asked for more time, I need to discuss with Kanda and sleep on it. Even before discuss dengan Kanda, hati rasa berat nak teruskan dengan application. So esoknya, bila that lady call lagi, I let her know that I'm dropping my application. She sounded bummed-out a bit, mungkin sebab susah nak cari orang yang keen dengan kerja ni.

If it's me alone, if the factor is only myself, I would probably do it. Tapi sekarang prority dah berubah. So I'm sticking to my current job...for now...for Zain.


  1. Betul tu illa. Bila kita dh ad anak mmg priority dah berubah. Anak lah satu faktor paling utama yang perlu diambil kira.

  2. Rilla. I've been there too. lebih kurang same situation. tp i have to turned down the offer because i choose my baby :)

    i choose happiness :) so do you!